Creosote tar removal treatment

Tarred chimneys are the most common cause of chimney fires.

Not only are chimney fires a danger to your family and your home, the heat from a chimney fire is also likely to affect the original lining and structure of the chimney, leaving your chimney in need of full repair.

Through heavy use, shutting down the air on a stove at night, using incorrect fuel, not cleaning flues, chimneys can become dangerously tarred with waste products from the burning process. This tarring can render conventional sweeping ineffective.

Tar in chimneys reacts with the mortar and causes corrosion to the fabric of the chimney structure.

If your chimney is heavily tarred or has not been cleaned for some time, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use your appliance until the flue has been checked by a chimney professional. Chimneys that look like this are extremely dangerous:


How will The Soot Doctor de-tar your chimney?

Using our Creosote Removal Treatment, The Soot Doctor will enable the chimney to be used again and minimise the risk of fire.

  • The chimney will initially be swept with specialist sweep brushes
  • Specialised chemicals are then sprayed onto the internal surfaces of the chimney
  • The chemicals are left to react with the creosote for a minimum of seven days
  • After the chemical reaction is complete the residue is removed
  • The chimney is then tested
  • If any further problems become apparent, this will be reported and any remedial works required will be advised.