Chimney Relining

We offer many ways to reline your chimney system. Here are a few of our systems but please contact us with your needs and we'll offer a suitable fix.

Ceramic slide casting relining system

This chimney lining is suitable for all fuels, easy to install, and resistant to high temperatures. Installed throughout Ireland by our approved agents, these ceramic flue linings are suitable for stoves and fireplaces.


About Eldfast flue liners

Eldfast chimney lining is a ceramic chimney lining system made up of two elements: a refractory ceramic aggregate powder and a powder bonding agent. Together, they create a thick slurry which when pressure is applied during application, forms into an adhesive. Previously, it was thought that materials containing water, cement or lime/clay mortar were suitable for flue linings. In recent years, however, it has been discovered that these materials are vulnerable to acid attack and deterioration. That’s why we only use our specialist mixture for our ceramic linings.

Why Eldfast chimney linings are different

  • Maintains the internal space of your chimney flue - Traditionally, flue lining involves inserting an inflatable sausage into the flue and filling it with concrete, leaving a small, round hole in the middle of the flue. If the fireplace is still in use, the lack of space within the flue can cause smoke to come back down the chimney, creating an unpleasant atmosphere and covering your furniture in a layer of soot. Eldfast flexible flue liners are drawn through the chimney to leave a 4mm thick layer on the face of your flue. Because we use a ceramic chimney lining system that follows the contours of your flue, the space inside your chimney is hardly reduced at all.
  • No disturbance or damage to your brickwork - Many other in-situ flue liners require bricks to be moved, lengthening the installation process. However, because Eldfast flue lining is drawn through your flue using a plug, there is no need to break into the flue or remove any brickwork.
  • Heat resistant – acts as an insulator - Eldfast ceramic lining is more resistant to heat than other chimney lining materials. It therefore acts as an insulator, maintaining the heat of the gases passing through it and reducing the risk of condensates. This is particularly handy for homes with thatched roofs, which can lower the temperature of the gases still further.
  • Not damaged by high temperatures - A chimney fire can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. While other flue linings can be damaged by extreme temperatures, our ceramic lining shows no deterioration at temperatures of almost 2000 degrees Celsius. In fact, high temperatures only serve to vitrify this ceramic chimney lining and make it even stronger. Eldfast flue liners are guaranteed to withstand your chimney fire, saving you money on replacement chimney linings and giving you extra peace of mind.


Thermosetting lining system for solid fuel and all flue types


HT1000° is the only revolutionary thermo-hardening sheath with high technological content, specially built for the renovation of smoke ducts supporting continuous temperatures of up to 1000°C, like those in fireplaces, wood stoves and industrial furnaces.

HT1000° is slipped into the duct to be renovated and it is then inflated with hot air and steam to perfectly adapt to the duct walls like a second skin that can repair and seal even the smallest crack. This is why HT1000°, by perfectly adhering to the duct walls, creates an internal new layer which is completely waterproof and resistant to temperatures of 1000°C.

The HT1000° renovation system is the result of thorough and specialised studies, carried out at the Beca Engineering laboratories, on high-temperature resistant materials. In fact the components of the HT1000° meet technical standards both at anti-fire and ecological levels. After two levels of “crystallisation” respectively at 120°C and 250°C, the HT1000° sheath becomes resistant to temperatures of up to 1000°C in continuous use.


  • Complete adaptability of the existing flue system to all sections, whether it is circular, oval, triangular or rectangular in shape.
  • Sizes are available between 50mm – 600mm sheaths.
  • Suitable for high operating temperatures of 1300 ° C.
  • High power to fire barrier and flame propagation.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Resistance to alkali and acids.


    HT1000° Advantages

    The new system, because of its very special features, can be used in all situations where it is necessary to operate non-destructive renovations of conducts normally submitted to temperatures up to 1000°C. This material with high technological contents, does not suffer any damage at these temperatures, and retains its characteristics whatever the heat output. In classic wood fireplaces, the problem often is not so much the temperature of the fumes that may be around 450°C upstream. The real problem arises when accumulating soot ignites along the duct to reach temperatures close to 1000°C. In such extreme situations, it is absolutely necessary to have a completely incombustible material which is also inert at high temperatures. Beca Engineering, after long studies and experiments, managed to create a completely incombustible material capable of withstanding temperatures of these levels.

    High Temperature Testing

    The core of our HT1000° is composed of ceramic fabrics impregnated with very special resins, designed tested and produced also in aeronautics for employment at very high temperatures.

    The HT1000 with its special features can be used in all situations where you need the non destructive curing of flue pipes at high temperatures up to 1300 ° C.

    The high-tech material at these temperatures does not undergo any alteration and retains its characteristics.

    Common Uses

     Open Fireplaces

  • Wood-burning ovens.
  • Pellet Stoves.
  • Furnaces Industrial.
  • Ducts for industrial and high temperatures.


    FITFIRE is a thermo-hardening sheath with a heart of fiberglass and water-based phenolic resins for gas applications

    The jacket is the first of a range of four products, coming from applied research and thanks to modern and most advanced technology in the world. This is the most innovative system of renovation for all gas ducts (maximum exhaust temperature: 300°C), which combines the most intelligent materials with the most advanced research. The result is achieved through the composite of hi-tech research. In the BECA Engineering srl laboratories, near Milan, our technicians put their passions and intelligence to study and develop systems that adapt to all situations, with one goal: “Do not destroy, and thus reuse the currently existing duct”. FITFIRE meets and marries all possible shapes of your gas duct, just like a tailor-made suit, and thanks to its high-tech textile materials, it will form a highly-resistant layer which will work as a “second skin” on top, making the duct much stronger than before



    Insulating and waterproof material: improves exhaust fume speeds; Self-standing material: no need to anchor it; Clean work: no excessive dust; Higher thickness compared to conventional materials; Higher heat resistance: tested up to 450°C; Residual internal roughness: <0.5 mm; Thermal resistance: as per UNI 9731 D; Thermal conductivity: 0,4 W/MK; Smoke speed: > 20-30%, compared to that of steel and stainless steel; Tensile strength: 400 N/mm2; Resistance to corrosion: H2SO4 conc, HNO3 conc, Hcl conc.




  • Installation time: paltry compared to other renovation systems (less than a day to the duct of a building)
  • Less destructive: no masonry required.
  • Simpler: it just takes connecting the devices to the duct.
  • Cleanliness: no rubble, therefore no formation of dust.
  • Waterproof insulating material: improves exhaust fume speed
  • Self-standing material: no need to anchor it.
  • No joints:the one, continuous tube is cut to measure during assembly.
  • Higher thickness compared to conventional materials.
  • Heat resistance: Continuous use at 300°C
  • Total resistance to condensation and corrosion


      The thermosetting lining FitFire plus is now even easier to install, with higher yield and greater economic pressure to seal the moisture up to 5000 Pa.


      The sheath FitFire with its features is ideal for the restoration of the flues, being resistant to high temperatures can be used for the discharge of centralised boilers, or the restoration of collective flues or device type “B” open chamber and natural draft.

      The large thermal resistance combined with good thermal insulation make the sheath Thermoset FitFire an ideal product for the discharge of the combustion gases of heating appliances and hot water production, ensuring also a speed of the fumes superior to other commercially available materials.

      The certification of resistance to acid condensate drains to make it suitable for high humidity condensing units newly developed.


      The sheath FitFire find easy application in the field of air conditioning. The very low residual internal roughness (less than 0.5 mm) allows the inner lining of existing pipelines without any limitation to the operation.

      FitFire is tested and certified.


      The FITFIRE sheath is slipped into the duct to be renovated. It will be inflated first with air then with steam. This will allow it to expand and fit perfectly the duct’s perimeter like a second skin. Any bumps or cracks along the duct will be sealed since FITFIRE completely adapts and adheres to the existing walls, making the duct totally waterproof and protected from condense.

      Once the sheath is inserted in the chimney the thermosetting resin is “fixed” with a jet of steam at high pressure and temperature, hardening the sheath so that in a few minutes the duct is restored without the need for building works, reducing the time and cost of implementation.

      No need to break walls and floors to remove old pipes.

      FITFIRE Certification

      Issued by Institute of Research & Tests M.MASINI S.r.l.


    • Designation according to UNI 1443 – UNI 1856 et 1859: Camino EN 1443 standards
    • Gas Leakage Test (EN 1856-2:2003 pt.6.3) R.p. n.768-2006
    • Resistance to fire soot test (EN 1856-2:2003 pt.6.2.1) R.p. n.768-2006.
    • Resistance to condensation test (EN 1856-2:2003 pt.6.4.5) R.p. n.769-2006
    • Thermal resistance test (EN 1856-2:2003 pt.6.4.3) R.p. n.770-2006

      From our years of experience in chimney lining we are able to ensure we only use the best quality flexible stainless steel liners available in order to guarantee a safe and long lasting chimney installation.

      Our chimney surveyors are able to provide you with the most appropriate flexible liner size and quality to meet your requirements. Flexible chimney liners come in many sizes and of different qualities; covering single skinned flexible liners suitable for class 2 gas and oil appliances and double skinned stainless steel chimney liners suitable for class 1 gas fires and solid fuel appliances.

      We use two grades of multi fuel double skinned stainless steel liners for our installations:

      • 316 stainless steel flexible liner with a 10 year manufacture warranty
      • 904 stainless steel flexible liner with a 25 year manufacture warranty

      When professionally installed by our knowledgeable approved engineers you can ensure that this chimney lining method will provide you with a reliable and guaranteed lining system, that is signed off under Building Regulations through Oftec.

      With our extensive knowledge we can provide accurate professional assessment of your flue way, ensuring that the largest possible flue lining size is achieved, aiding your desired working fireplace opening.

      Our first-rate flexible chimney liners are installed for wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves, open solid fuel fires, boiler flues and large gas fires.

      We are fully insured to carry out all services we offer.