Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your house safe.


To ensure a safe operation of your chimney we recommend that your chimneys is swept at least yearly to remove soot/creosote that can cause chimney fires. We now carry out power sweeping as standard, which is an addition to the traditional equipment of rods and brushes which has worked for the past 150 years.

The correct rods and brushes are chosen that best suit the flue type, as incorrect brushes/rods may damage the flue. A word of warning, if your sweep only offers power sweeping there's a high chance he/she doesn't understand chimney construction and if you have a brick flue then they will most likely damage your chimney

Where traditional methods are not as effective specialised equipment is used. We are equipped for large inglenooks and older fireplaces and chimneys found in many listed buildings. The exterior of the chimney, including the pot, will be inspected on every sweep where visible from the ground. The smoke chamber and base of the flue will then be assessed for cracks and breaches in the flue liner. Should a more thorough assessment of the flue be required a camera survey can be carried out upon request.