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Virtual flame, realistic effect

Opti-V utilises HD TV technology alongside an LED fuel bed to create a truly memorable flame illusion. Flickering flames dance across glowing logs which crackle and spark, but never burn away.

The weather or time of year is no bar to the comfort of a roaring fire with Opti-V; the stunning flame effect can be operated independently of the heating function of the fire, so you can have the warming ambience of flame whenever you want it.

Opti-V is available in a select range of fire styles, each sure to give an iconic finish to a room, whether you’re creating a cosy corner or a stylish statement space.

Why choose Opti-V?


Stunning Flame Effect

An astonishingly realistic flame effect, has to be seen to be believed!


Hot or Not

The flame effect can be operated independently of heat, so you can embrace the ambience whatever the weather.


Ease of Operation

With just the flick of switch, flame is truly at your fingertips, creating a cosy atmosphere in moments.


Family of Flames 

Opti-V is available in a range of products, giving you the flexibility to find the right product for your space.

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