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Virtuo 80/3

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Discover the art of fire

Somewhere between 800,000 B.C. and 350,000 B.C. it happened: Man's greatest discovery ever... Fire. It brought warmth, light and security to mankind. In short, it is the driving force behind our evolution.
Now it's time for an update. What's the point? We want the cosiness and romance of fire, but we don't want the emissions. That's exactly why we reinvented fire at DRU. No traditional fuels, but the atmosphere. From now on it's possible.
We proudly present DRU Virtuo. The art of fire.

Atmosphere out of a plug

The DRU Virtuo is not just an electric fire. It's atmosphere and warmth from a plug that you can enjoy three-dimensionally. With the new and advanced 3D technology, DRU Virtuo makes it possible to enjoy an atmospheric fire from all corners of your room. In addition, you can place the fire anywhere in the room where there is an electrical socket. You don't need to install a flue to enjoy the heat!

Sustainability is central

The DRU Virtuo has been developed with the future in mind and is taking a step in the right direction. With DRU Virtuo we go one step further. The DRU Virtuo is 100% electric, which means you don't need traditional fuel anymore. This means far fewer CO2 emissions.

Unique innovations


  • Unique projection technique creates different types of flame images
  • LED glow bed enhances the flame effects
  • Sound of a crackling wood fire
  • Equipped with thermostat function
  • Many functions to control with the remote control and app
  • Optional convection spoiler ensures optimum air circulation



Romantic, modern or cozy.

Coming home on a cold winter's day, a romantic evening for two or just fun for the whole family. That's DRU Virtuo. The Virtuo can't be compared to any other fireplace.  

Virtuo-Flame®, Enjoy in 3D

Whichever side you enjoy DRU Virtuo from, thanks to the projection technique we developed, the new fire is indistinguishable from ordinary fire. There is a wide choice of different flame images; choose the flames you like.



That's why you choose DRU Virtuo


  • Atmosphere and heat from a plug
  • Minimal CO2 emissions
  • Unique innovations
  • Plug & play, place anywhere
  • No chimney required
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Choose your own design and finish


The new fire is responsible

Have no chimney but still want to enjoy a beautiful crackling fire? This is possible with the 100% electric fire Virtuo 80/3. Choose from the different flame pictures and enjoy the convenience. If you choose 100% electric, you are making a responsible choice.



Brand DRU
Series Virtuo
Category Electric fireplaces
Model Built-in
Fire view 3-sided
Shape Horizontal
Fuel Electricity
Glass window Standard glass
Control Remote control
Eco Glow Optional
Colours Black
Material Steel
Interior Black
Fire bed Brown logs
Output net min. (kW) 0
Output net max. (kW) 2
Built-in depth (mm) 510
Fire view width (mm) 788
Fire view height (mm) 550
Weight (kg) 100
230V necessary
Approvals CE