Spatherm Varia h Woodurning Fire on Brick Chimney Breast Green Detail in Interior Design Living Room
Spartherm Varia Bh Woodburning Fire
Spartherm Varia Bh Dimensions
Spartherm Varia Bh 52 WLM Dimensions
Spartherm Varia Bh Aquabox Dimensions
Spartherm Varia Bh Aufsatzaggregat Dimensions
Spartherm Varia Bh Eboris Akku Dimensions
Spartherm Varia Bh Helix 460 Set XL Dimensions
Spartherm Varia Bh Woodburning Fire Sets

Spartherm Varia Bh Woodburning Fire

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SPARTHERM supplies modern, durable fireplace inserts featuring winning technology and design. Linear provides a clear framework without itself being dominant, on the basis that the fireplace insert should show off the fire to best effect, and not the other way round. Maximum functionality combined with stylish, modern elegance has always been our aim. Be inspired by our products. We rely on our know-how and instinctive feel when making our inserts because – after all – they are the heart of the fireplace. This enables our chimney inserts to convince through 'inner values' and by a large selection of shapes. Based on main navigation, you can display your own individual chimney insert, showing fuel, shape of view pane and equipment feature(s).


SPARTHERM also has the skill Custom-made products to create custom-made products in line with your wishes and available technology.

Chimney inserts made to order

Whether as an inspired vision of the fireplace inserts of the future or in terms of the reliability and variety of the products in the Linear fireplace insert range, SPARTHERM’s high quality standards are unrivalled. Unfussy styling, modernity and technological perfection are the hallmarks of all SPARTHERM fireplace inserts. 

Fireplace inserts – and more

  • GET

    GET is the name for a young fireplace insert generation characterised by an ultra-narrow installation depth. This makes it possible to install the fireplace insert right up against the wall, even against a combustible wall.

  • Heat storage technology

    We can show you how using Spartherm heat storage technology helps to conserve natural resources, as our innovative system utilises the cosy warmth of the fire.

  • Water heat storage technology

    Let yourself be wowed by the benefits and environmental credentials of this alternative - ingeniously refined water heat storage technology.

  • Hot air tiled stove heating inserts

    Our hot air tiled stove heating inserts

    Spartherm’s Nova and Renova fireplace inserts are virtually unmatched in meeting all the requirements for a modern stove designed with a view to the future.

  • Combustion control

    A combustion control system boosts efficiency, enables combustion to be economical in a sustained manner, and delivers additional convenience through the time it saves during the ignition phase.

Regardless of which applications you may have in mind, whether smoke extraction, combustion characteristics or other convenient solutions - Spartherm is always able to offer you an appropriate control module.