Ebios Kensington Bio Ethanol Fire Inset
 Ebios Kensington Bio Ethanol Fire Inset


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The ebios-fire® fireplace insert Kensington is a tailor-made appliance characterised by a minimalist design without a prominent frame. It goes without saying that the interior of this designer piece is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This fireplace insert is available with a wick burner or an automatic burner.

The automatic burner comes with a remote control for even greater ease of use: In addition to convenient activation and deactivation, it also provides an option for selecting from different flame heights. This high-quality bioethanol fireplace creates a beautiful atmosphere at the push of a button – be it for a relaxed family dinner or a classy evening with friends.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions W/H/Dmin. 800 / 400 / 275 mm
  • MaterialsStainless steel brushed, Aluminium, Heat-resistant glass ceramic
  • Weight depending on size and layout
  • Burner type Wick Burner or Automatic Burner including remote control
  • Fire line depending on burner
  • Filling capacity Wick Burner: 2.60 litres
    Automatic Burner: 1 x 5.0-litres-canister (not included)
  • Minimum room volume 84 m3 per 0.5 m fire line
  • Minimum room area 34 m2 per 0.5 m fire line
  • Burning duration depending on burner size


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