Ebios Elipse Base Mini Bio Ethanol Table Fire Mobile
Ebios Elipse Base Mini Bio Ethanol Table Fire Mobile Portable

Elipse Base Mini

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Elipse Base


If you are always on the move and want to move and live in different places, a portable bioethanol burner is the perfect choice for you. High-quality appliances like the ebios-fire® Elipse captivate with a beautiful effect in any spot of the house or flat, be it on the dining table or next to the jacuzzi.

In addition, this mobile bioethanol burner creates a real campfire feeling when used outdoor in your garden or on your balcony instead of candles, lanterns, torches or tea lights.

It sounds like a tale from one thousand and one nights: Even the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, features our elegant living space accessories as part of its interior design.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions W/H/D960 / 215 / 240 mm
  • MaterialsSteel, Stainless steel, Heat-resistant glass-ceramic
  • Weight approx. 24.0 kg
  • Burner typeTÜV certified Wick Burner EB 500
  • Fire line approx. 500 mm
  • Filling capacity 2.60 litres
  • Minimum room volume84 m3
  • Minimum room area35 m2
  • Burning duration up to 5 hours


Burner Case
  • Matt black
  • Matt white
  • Stainless steel brushed
  • Chrome