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Delvita Pizza Ovens

Your DeliVita oven is easy to light and reaches 450-500°C in under 25 minutes.

Roasting, grilling, baking or smoking, experience a world of wood-fired flavours with your DeliVita oven. What's more you can make a stonebased wood-fired pizza in just 90 seconds!


The DeliVita is the lightest authentic clay oven on the market. Stylish and portable our wood-fired oven weighs just under 30kg.


Insulated heatproof handles allow the oven to be positioned anywhere, on anything. Perfect for small balconies, outdoor kitchens, gardens and parties.

Crafting our perfect oven

We wanted a design that would adapt to our own lifestyle:
FAST, PORTABLE, STYLISH AND SOCIAL. We also wanted it to be hand-crafted and; most importantly; simple and pleasurable to use.

With a bit of advice from local manufacturing experts (and a lot from our extended Italian family) we made our first prototype, and before long our first oven was born. Many tweaks and refinements later, we were ready to share our finished product!

Pizza is the ultimate sharing food

And the DeliVita oven makes sure the hosts never have to leave the party. Because our oven is made of fibreglass, it’s light and can sit on any sturdy table, so it’s always at the centre of the event! We set out to create something that would allow us to enjoy the food we love the most with the people we love the most...WE HOPE YOU LOVE IT TOO!

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