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Ignite your imagination

Optimyst uses ultrasonic technology to create the world’s most realistic flame effect, with an ultra-fine water mist that mimics flame and smoke. As the mist rises through the logs warm light is emitted which reflects against the water, creating an incredibly realistic 3D illusion of flames and smoke which is commonly mistaken for the real thing.

The Optimyst flame effect can be operated independently of the heating function of the fire, allowing you to enjoy the homely, warming ambience of a flickering fireplace whatever the weather or time of year.

Optimyst is available across our entire range of fire styles, so whether you wish to create a new, iconic centrepiece to a room or update an existing fireplace without losing the ambience of flame, Dimplex Optimyst offers a solution.

Why choose Optimyst?


Easy Installation

No need for flue or gas connection, simply plug in the fire, top up the water tank, and you are ready to go!


Realistic Flame Effect

The world's most realistic 3D smoke and flame effect, easily confused with the real thing!


Hot or not

The effect can operate independently of heat, so you can enjoy the ambience whatever the weather.


Family of Flames 

Optimyst comes in a huge range of products, giving you the flexibility to find the right product for your space.

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